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Faq Page

Faq Page
Do your products have any negative effects on health?

We care about your health

In our products, we do not use substances that negatively affect health. On the contrary, it is advantageous in that it can be wiped with a damp clean cloth. It also eliminates an important issue by not keeping dust.

Do I need professional equipment and staff for assembly?

Easy montage

Hanger attachments for relief tables come out of the box contents. After drilling the hole with a suitable hole diameter on the wall you will hang, simply insert the dowel and screw in the box and hang it.

You can obtain wall mounting equipment for wall panels from our representative or retailers selling similar products. These equipments are double compensated fast adhesive and silicone adhesive. It is very easy to apply.

Do you have international sales?

All over the world

Yes, we have international sales. You can buy our products on our eBay, Etsy account or our store website.

Will my order be damaged in cargo?

We approach with care

We pack your orders in their special boxes so that they will not be damaged in cargo.

Do you qualify for a distributor or franchise?

We aim to grow together

You can obtain this privilege as long as the conditions specified by country or region are met. You can reach us directly from our contact page. Our request is that you write your contact information accurately.